We would like to welcome you to Year 6 and introduce you to our team.


              Mrs Potts                                  Miss Peacock


           Miss Brown                             Mrs Costa




We are very excited to share with you the learning we will be doing during Year 6.  Every half term we will share our curriculum map that highlights our learning for that half term.  The learning will be based around a Science unit or a History/ Geography unit.  We use a class text to inform our reading and writing.


New Research Provides Evidence that Vikings were Present in Newfoundland  1,000 Years Ago | Sci-News.com

Please click here for Autumn 2 curriculum Map


TensorFlow Image Classification - Build your own Classifier | by Sayantini  Deb | Edureka | Medium


Please click here for Spring 1 curriculum Map

Brazil: History, Geography, Economy & Culture - YouTube

Please click here for Spring 2 curriculum Map


Please click here for the year group yearly overview