Year 3 Home learning overview for week commencing 13th July  2020



Home Learning Activities to Support Transition

As our Year 3 children move to Year 4 we would like you to complete some transition activities so that your new teachers can get to know you a little better. Over the year your Year 3 teachers have learned lots about you and your amazing personalities and we know the teachers in year 4 are looking forward to getting to know you to. Below are 3 activities that we would like you to complete at home, take pictures of your activity and send to in the subject box please include the word – Transition – and then include your child’s name. You will also get to know your teacher before the holidays so watch this space. We have also included some fun activities to end the term. Please complete the transition first and then enjoy your end of year fun.



Transition Activities Year 3



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All About Me

Create your own ‘All About Me’ activity. Help your teacher to know more about who you are and what you enjoy. We have included a few things you may want to tell your teacher, the more information the better. Do you have hobbies? What do you enjoy doing at home? What is your favourite colour? Do you have pets? What do you enjoy about school? Who do you live with?



Self Portrait

Create a self-portrait to be included in a class pic collage. All of the portraits can be joined together to create your new class.

Draw your portrait and take a close up picture, send it to the email address so your teacher can join you all together as you become a new class.


Say ‘Hello’

Create a short video to say ‘hello’ to your new teacher. Tell them who you are and something you would like to share about yourself. Ask your grown up to record your video and send via the Year 4 email.